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We are the future of our country

First of all we must determine who the teenagers are. Officially, of course, a teenager is anyone aged from 13 to 19 inclusive, people who are in the stage of their life when they are developing from children into adults.

According to the older generation teenagers are lazy, they wear ridiculous clothes and are appallingly rude to their betters and elders: they find it impossible to be polite, helpful, constructive, caring or hardworking. What’s more, they spend all their time listening to awful music, which is just a collection of terrible noises. And all they ever think about is parties, drugs and sex. Is it really so?

First of all teenagers are human so, of course they have problems. And the problems aren’t very different from anyone else’s. It is a difficult time because it is a period of transformation. Parents love us and in the end, they only want what’s the best for us. Teenagers love their parents, too. But we are sure parents don’t understand anything and only friendship is the most important thing in their lives. Teenagers do have a lot of money to spend, but usually they have earned it themselves. Some of them take up jobs while they are in school. And it isn’t always easy to work and still do well at school.

Some adults think-we are wrong, that we’re up to no good. That’s why the teenagers start to smoke or drink beer. They think they are offended by the whole world. Some of them to find the way out of the situation in taking drugs or alcohol or even committing a suicide.

On he other hand, the majority of teenagers do not pay much attention to the problems I have mentioned and find the way out in doing something useful, thus moulding their personality.

Take for example the students of our school. The overwhelming number of them go to schools of additional education to learn to play musical instruments or draw pictures. Others attend some sport clubs. They go to these schools and clubs to improve their knowledge in subjects, to learn new things.

And I will never agree that teens are awful. We do our best to help our parents with household work, we, teens, take care of our younger sisters and brothers.

What is more, we work hard at school not only to get knowledge and be successful in our future profession, but also we understand we are the future of our country, and it’s we who will improve the economy, cope with the crisis and make our motherland prosperous and wealthy. 

Автор:  E. Pokidysheva, 8A