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Problems of the youth

Being a teenager is a really hard work, isn’t it? Every day we are surrounded by problems: school, parents, money, career and others… Every day we are trying to solve them. But on the other hand we are also communicating with each other, we are laughing, we are learning something new.

Each of us knows that our country depends on us: teenagers are taking part in its future development. Strange enough that we haven’t got enough support from the government: they even try to ban sub-cultures, introduce new examinations, close universities, reduce workplaces…

I think everybody can notice increasing number of teenagers who start taking drugs, drinking and smoking at the age of 14-16. Furthermore, most of them commit suicide at this age. What’s the reason? May be they try to rebel the society they live or may be they want to escape from their problems.

In my opinion, the main reason is their fear of future. At the age of 14-18 teenagers form their own opinion about the world and the society. They are learning how to communicate, how to improve their personality and how to become successful in their lives. They try to adapt themselves to the conditions they live in. But nowadays the situation in the world is really difficult.

Practically every day we face the problems of financial crisis, unemployment, acts of terrorism. Politicians and economists extend the information about them on Internet and on TV. In fact, the biggest part of users of these sources of information is teens. Daily dose of such information has a great influence: youngsters apprehend these news more sensitively than adults. They become convinced that their life in future will be in poverty, without any progress. That’s why they start to feel depressed and taking drugs.

One more problem is a fear not to realize their talent and their ideas. In the Internet we can find many lots of (I mean electronic diaries) where teens describe their opinions about films, music or their own feelings, ideas, where they write novels or fun-fiction stories, where they upload photos. Some works are worth to be seen or may be published in magazines, but usually these teens depend on other’s opinions. They are afraid to be criticized.

In addition, some young people are always exaggerating facts because of their emotions. Small quarrel with best friend may cause deep depression and the feeling of guilty may force teens to suicide.

Anyway, I suppose that all these problems are temporary, so we mustn’t lose our head. In some cases, we should just ask for our parents’ opinion. In others, pay attention to things we like most: music, drawing, reading or may be walking in the city centre with friends. Finally I believe that each person will find a solution to their problems just looking on it from different sides.

I would like to sum up with the words of Kanye West, who said ‘ Now that doesn’t kill me, it can only make me stronger’. 

Автор:  Arina Efremova, 9B